Full Body Workout – Try a Rower
Full Body Workout – Try a Rower

Full Body Workout – Try a Rower

When you reach “mid-life,” many people think it’s time to stop worrying about their fitness and relax. Unfortunately, now is not the time to ignore your health. It is time to put all your years of knowledge to work to continue living a vibrant and healthy life. 

When we get into our 50s, exercise can help offset all those health issues that come with age. Keeping your muscles, joints, and heart strong is essential while maintaining a healthy weight.

It can be hard to make time and go to the gym. Further with so many people concerned with their fitness these days gyms are crammed with people. It can be pretty frustrating waiting to use the machine you like, as is the ten other people who are waiting before you.

The best solution is to have your own home gym. Most people don’t have a lot of room for several pieces of equipment. Owning just a few pieces makes the most sense, both spatially and financially. So what do you buy?

Thing to consider

  1. Do you have health issues like arthritis, joint pain, or perhaps you have been inactive for a while?
  2. What do you want from this new piece of equipment – do you need low impact, fat-burning abilities or strength?
  3. What kind of space do you have for a home gym?
  4. How much technology do you want/need; you can measure just about anything you want, like distance, heart rate, and some can read electrical pulses.
  5. Cost.

One piece of equipment that can fit just about anyone’s fitness needs is a rower. Rowers are low impact, have fat burn abilities, and work to strengthen the whole body. 

How to use a rower

  1. Take a seat and begin by adjusting the footplates, so the strap is over the widest part of your foot. It’s important to secure the straps and experiment with what feels right for you. Placement of your foot is the most important step to generating power and keeping your ankles, knees, and hips feeling good throughout the process.
  2. If you’re trying out the rowing machine for the first time, be careful not to set the resistance too high; you want to be able to figure things out before cranking up the resistance to avoid improper form that could lead to injuries.
  3. With feet situated and secured, bend your knees, grab the handle with both hands. Relax shoulders and head in a neutral position (looking forward), lean slightly forward, extend your arms, and slightly lift your heels if you can.
  4. When you are ready to push back, drop your heels, push back with your legs, and pull your arms so that in your final position, your legs are extended, your arms are bent, and the handle reaches your torso.


  • With your feet situated, bend your knees, grab your handles. 
  • Extend your arms with relaxed shoulders
  • Lean slightly forward
  • Keep head neutral (relaxed and looking forward)
  • Wrap your thumbs under the handles and fingers wrap around the top

Eventually, you will create a smooth flow:

  • Start with a push through your legs to a straightened position while pulling the handle toward your midsection.
  • Engage your core as you lean back slightly in the final position.

The push – comes from legs, engage core, pull with arms, lean slightly back at the finish.

The return -release arms to a straightened position, keep core engaged and bend knees back to start position.

Rest – for 1-2 seconds and repeat.

*Protect your back by keeping relaxed shoulders, relaxed neck, and head.

Enjoy that workout!


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