Enjoy Flexibility & Freedom of a Road Trip
Enjoy Flexibility & Freedom of a Road Trip

Enjoy Flexibility & Freedom of a Road Trip

Road trips hold adventure, an opportunity various scenery and you can open the window to enjoy fresh air.

When was the last time you decided to take a road trip?

Road trips are not the travel norm anymore. Indeed, most people travel by air, and while this used to be hassle-free, it is wrought with issues now. Crowds, long security lines, packed flights, and don’t get me started with people misbehaving.

My husband wanted to take a trip to visit his mom, who he hadn’t seen for a bit. Flying into DFW airport is an experience that I try to avoid. It’s enormous, crowds of people and takes forever to get luggage if you don’t carry on. Also, the stress of trying to take a trip to Canada is still fresh.

However, last summer, we drove to Vail, Colorado, and really enjoyed the experience. In fact, we just bought a new car, and a road trip sounded an appealing way to break it in.

Flying Has Become Stressful

Planning a road trip is so different from flying. When deciding to fly, there are soooo many details that make it stressful. Finding an affordable flight that gets you to your destination at a decent time is only a tiny step in your journey. There are many rules on what you can take and how you can take it, and security has become a nightmare.

I don’t know about you, but I am filled with anxiety starting the day before my flight. I worry that I’ll forget something important, and I constantly fuss over preparation details. Do I have my ID and ticketing information? Did I mistakenly pack something I was going to grieve over at security? My personal items – I swear I forget something important every time.

Going on a road trip took much of the stress out of our travel.

What To Enjoy On A Road Trip

You don’t have to leave the country to have a great vacation. It can be a great experience to explore your country wherever you live. In fact, it is less expensive than going on international trips, and you can experience bigger adventures.


The great thing about traveling by car is it offers a whole lot of flexibility. Leave when you want, travel at your own pace, and have complete control of when you stop.

We didn’t feel any time pressures on our trip. In fact, the morning we left on our journey, we took our time getting up, eating, and loading the car.


Traveling by car allows for spontaneity. Do you feel like stopping at a roadside stand and picking up some fresh fruit or vegetables? Do it!

Need to use the restroom – do it, especially in Texas. The rest areas offer opportunities for education while you stretch your legs. HA

One rest area had displays inside. This one is a buggy with various items from the past & a map of Texas routes.

Enjoy The Scenery

There is always stunning scenery to admire, whether in the mountains, in historic towns, or down coastal roads. In fact, open the windows and enjoy that fresh air.

We saw it snowing on top of mountain tops.
Miles of open country side
We saw ranchers working in the fields with cows.

Great Food

Traveling by car allows for lots of food options. First, you can pack whatever and how much you want. Healthy choices like Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, cheese, and whole-wheat crackers are better options than candy bars and chips. Next, if you want to find a great restaurant on your journey, it’s pretty easy to lookup.

We had some great experiences on the road.

Fried chicken at Haywire in Plano, Texas

Amazing Salmon Oscar at X- Steakhouse in Amarillo, Texas

Travel by car can be a fun and adventurous way to travel on vacation this year. There is more freedom and flexibility compared to flying. Enjoy the scenic views and great food choices all across this country. You might be surprised by what you discover.

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