Kayaking is Life Changing
Kayaking is Life Changing

Kayaking is Life Changing

Find your bliss and get some exercise outdoors – 5 reasons to try kayaking

Get outside and enjoy a fun new hobby.

Summer is almost here, which means it’s time to get out on the water. There are so many reasons to try kayaking. You will get exercise, however kayaking is so much more. In fact, I think of it as my therapy. The tranquility of gliding over the water while enjoying the scenery around you; try it once, and you will find your new passion.

1. New hobby

So often, we get obsessive about new fitness fads; however, we forget about the activities that might not be flashy, but they are great exercise, fun, and good for the soul. Whether you are looking for a new hobby or a new form of exercise, kayaking is your answer.

It is versatile; Kayaking can be done in almost any body of water, whether you prefer lakes, oceans, or rivers. In any body of water, you will have options from a leisurely paddle to an intensive workout. In fact, this is a sport for the young and old; it can be a social or personal experience, and I can tell you it is a great way to spend a day.

2. Get Outdoors

We all get tired of being indoors and the negative impacts on our health. Kayaking offers exposure to the sun, which regulates our body’s internal clocks, synthesizes vitamin D, and boosts our mood.

Multiple studies have shown that spending time outside often decreases incidences of diabetes, cardio-vascular issues, lowers blood pressure and heart rate. Getting outside helps you escape stressors, sharpens your focus while calming the mind and improving mood.

3. Workout

This sport offers a great upper body workout, including your back, shoulders, arms, and chest, thanks to the water’s resistance.

Though paddling along the water is an excellent upper body workout, your core gets a pretty good workout. In order to glide over the water in a straight line, paddling on both sides of the boat requires twisting and turning. In fact, kayaking can help tighten your core muscles and flatten that tummy

Legs are an integral part of kayaking. Steering the kayak is dependent on your core and legs. While twisting and turning while paddling your core needs help from your legs.

Kayaking offers an overall cardio and strength low impact workout. Unlike running which can take a toll on your knees, paddling is less demanding on joints and tissue. In fact, if you are recovering from injuries kayaking is a great way to continue to get exercise.

4. Explore

Kayaking can help you explore areas where you live. There can be a lake, river, or a nearby pond that you hadn’t considered exploring. You can get out on that waterbody, immerse yourself in the scenery. Travel to areas that most people don’t get to experience and see some wildlife up close. Or simply enjoy the sights and sounds and tranquility offered out on a body of water.

5. It’s Different Every Time

Even if you go to the same lake, each time you go it is a new adventure. There may be more wind causing currents running at different strengths or the colors of the sky change.

Just imagine you can paddle in an open lake and have fantastic views of mountains and clear blue sky’s. Take a little risk and discover some mini whitewater rapids. In fact, you never know what wildlife you will see or what memories you make.


I have always loved the water, away from the city life; it just allows you some freedom from the struggles of modern life. Kayaking allows you the freedom to work out or just relax and float and enjoy your scenery and wildlife. I recommend that you give kayaking a whirl this summer; unplug and recharge.

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