Older Adults – It’s Time to Reset
Older Adults – It’s Time to Reset

Older Adults – It’s Time to Reset

How to look and feel better.

So, you are older; it doesn’t mean you have to accept it. We always hear that you have to eat the right foods, exercise the right way, and sleep the right amount: great advice, but it’s just not that simple!

have a happy and healthy life

As we age, our bodies have been exposed to toxins, we have ingested all kinds of sugars, salts, medications, and, be honest, we have eaten fast food, junk food, and probably liquor at some point. What about stress – not one of us has made it this far in life completely unscathed. We internalize our negative emotions. All that has happened in your life accumulates and eventually affects your health.

It starts with your digestive system.

We can be great when we have a healthy balance of bacteria; however, bacteria are very easily disrupted. Your gut health is the gatekeeper to your wellbeing.

If your gut is off, everything is vulnerable to its effects; your skin, physiological health, and mental health. If you have issues with weight, digestion, stress, trouble sleeping, etc., healing your gut health is an excellent place to start.

Ready to get started? Here is what you can and cannot eat:

So, you are ready to fix your gut health?! Congrats, you are one step closer to being healthier. An elimination diet is intended to be short-term (3-6 weeks); it will calm down inflammation in your gut and seal the gut lining to allow for a healthier process.

According to Johns Hopkins, “As we age, the natural cycles slow down and don’t work as well.” There are several reasons why gut health suffers, but the point is to get your system running as it should.

Though the diet appears restrictive there is a lot you can eat:

Be sure to share your experiences or ask questions.

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