Lose Weight BEFORE the Holidays
Lose Weight BEFORE the Holidays

Lose Weight BEFORE the Holidays

Get a head start on the holidays this year!

The holidays are prime time to fall off healthy eating and indulge in special dinners, desserts, and drinks. Planning your weight loss journey for the new year gets challenging, as you most likely added 5-10 pounds to the equation. You can now develop healthy habits to keep the weight off this holiday season.

Key Areas to Lose Weight

#1. Drink More Water

In fact, most people are dehydrated, stay there during the day, and often think they are hungry rather than thirsty. Even in the cooler months, heaters and dry air can cause dehydration.  The easiest thing to do is carry around a water bottle.  Refill multiple times throughout the day. Personally, I shoot for a minimum of 60 ounces. Personally, I try to drink about 18 ounces of water before meals. It keeps me from overeating and keeps my water intake on track. 

#2. Throw Out Unhealthy Snacks

This is an effective way to lose weight and keep it off by throwing away unhealthy foods.  If it isn’t in the house, you can’t eat it.  Believe me! There have been times if it had been in the house, I would have eaten it. Instead, keep healthier food and snacks on hand.

#3. Get Moving While the Weather is Nice – Exercise

Many people fell off their exercise routine when the pandemic started and have struggled to get back on track. Why not start by getting outside, enjoying the weather, and developing a routine?  It doesn’t matter what activity you choose, walking, jogging, hiking, etc. Just pick something and get moving about 30 minutes a day. It will only take a few weeks until you don’t have to push yourself to get moving, and you actually look forward to it.

#4. Get Your Rest

If you consider that sleep heals and regulates your body, why would you sacrifice it?  Let’s break it down:

PREVENTS PRODUCTION OF LEPTIN: Leptin is a hormone your body releases that helps it maintain your normal weight on a long-term basis. Too much Leptin causes you to feel hungry and eat more even though your body has enough fat stores.

REGULATES HORMONES: Chronic poor-quality sleep can lead to health problems like reduced immunity, increased risk of illness, spikes in your appetite, obesity and weight gain, reduced injury recovery, memory loss, hypertension, and heart disease.


This is the best time of year to get ahead of holiday weight gain. I have written several articles on health and fitness that might prove useful. For example:

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