Best 5 Online Side Gigs
Best 5 Online Side Gigs

Best 5 Online Side Gigs

Back in the 80s, when people had a secondary avenue to supplement their income, we called it a second job or side gig. Now to be current, we refer to it as a “side hustle .” Whatever you want to call it, we all refer to earning a little extra money and eventually replacing their primary source of income.

Interestingly, older people are hustling harder than the younger generation in setting up that side gig. There are a few reasons to create a business that allows you to make more money; while having freedom to pursue your passion, and lowering any financial worries.

So, starting a side gig may take some time to get rolling; however, it will offer a comfortable extra income or become a lucrative business a few years from now. It can also be your safety net in case you lose your job. As we have seen from the pandemic, anything can happen.

The 5 online businesses listed are based on research, popularity and how relatable they would be for “over50healthyliving” followers.

Let’s take a look at the best side gigs where you can make money while working from home.

#1. Dropshipping

This program is super convenient; you don’t need a warehouse and a staff. All you need is to find suppliers and take advantage of a company like Amazon’s logistics and distribution network. In fact, what is required is to send products to a fulfillment center of Amazon, and they store, pack, and ship products on your behave.

The skills necessary for this type of business are being a good researcher (to find products that sell and find your suppliers) and marketing. You could also opt to use Helium 10 to research for you.

#2. Affiliate Marketing

This program is something I frequently talk about. Specifically, it is one of my side gigs. Affiliate marketing is one of those side gigs that pay well in the long run. However, there is a learning curve in discovering the right product and right brand to partner with. Stick will affiliate programs that offer products that fit your website.

Keep in mind that AdSense will analyze your traffic, content, speed, etc., before accepting you as an affiliate. So make sure you have original high-quality content, and attract an audience.

#3. Writing and Self Publishing

Do you know of popular topics that there isn’t enough information about? Maybe you have always wanted to write a fiction series? Becoming a writer in today’s market offers more options to becoming a published author. A self-publishing author has full autonomy, owns all commissions, and long term, it becomes passive income.

This side gig does require research to find the right niche, and you may need some help publishing your book. For example, an editor, a book cover designer, or maybe you need help formatting for an e-book and a softcover book. Count on spending a couple thousand for every book. Eventually, this can become your full-time job with enough books published and selling.

#4. Freelance

Freelancing has come a long way in this digital age. You really can earn a full-time income working from home. Freelancers are self-employed and can take on short-term contracts and long-term work.

The skills necessary really vary from communications, marketing, graphic design, online assistant, etc. Keep in mind you will have to market your skills so joining something like Fiveer can connect you with potential clients.

#5. Start a Website or a Blog

A blog and a website are different. Both are websites, both are not blogs. The difference between the two is content and format.

A blog, like my site is regularly update, run by an individual or small business and the content is informal/conversational. You may find content on fitness, healthy recipes or travel. You can make money by selling a product or a course and placing ads on your blog.

A website is a set of related web pages that satisfies users intent while located under a single domain name. The purpose of a website is for branding and credibility for your business.

What side gig appeals to you the most? Let me know in the comments below.

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