Affiliate Marketing; make money in your pajamas
Affiliate Marketing; make money in your pajamas

Affiliate Marketing; make money in your pajamas

Making money while sitting in your pajamas at home is a dream. In fact, having the ability to work from home while making a steady income is a reality for many. Affiliate sales are both popular and lucrative. Today, let’s get into where to start and how commissions work.

Affiliate marketing is an emerging trend that all bloggers should get in on. It doesn’t cost extra money; in fact, in time, it can become a significant income resource. However, if you haven’t already started a blog, don’t worry; you don’t need to already know how to build a website. You can start with a modest website and slowly build your product. However, I can guarantee you will gain knowledge and skills along the way. It would be best if you never stopped learning and continue to improve.

Where To Start

First, you will need to have an idea what your website/blog will be about.  I read documents that suggested finding a popular but not heavily competitive niche.  Instead, I suggest choosing a topic you have knowledge about, and have an interest in.  The reason being, if you are not into the topic, you won’t enjoying consistently creating material. Additionally, it will be much easier to write content if you already have knowledge in the topic.

For example, I chose “over50healthyliving” because it is something I have been living through for nearly eight years… being over 50. Secondly, I worked as a personal trainer, nutritionist, metabolic specialist, and life coach for nearly twenty years. Healthy living is something I live and coach others.

Where To Build A Website/Blog

The only place I have built a website is on WordPress. Actually, WordPress is relatively easy-to-use, and it’s free. However, you have to pay for your domain name and possibly the theme you choose. I suggest doing a little research before you jump in. In fact, I continue to read up to understand the tools available better.

The theme you chose will be the first thing visitors and followers see and will represent your blog. I’ll be honest, and I have changed my theme three times already, and who knows, maybe I’ll see something that represents my brand even better in another year.


I suggest having several posts/articles before you apply for affiliate programs. You want to create your brand as trustworthy, which will gain followers, leading to affiliates.

I only post what I know to be accurate, have experience with, or thoroughly research. It is critical that your brand is not associated with anything false or misleading.

Let’s Talk About Affiliate Commissions

There are so many affiliate programs to choose from. There are multiple factors to examine when getting involved in affiliate programs. Several factors affect which affiliates are worth your time.

Commissions. Success depends on commission rates. Initially, it’s easy to start with programs such as Amazon Associates. However, they have so many products to offer; that their commission rates are relatively low. The best commissions pay a minimum commission rate of 30% and have a good business reputation. There are the different payment terms;

  • Pay per lead: Commission is paid when a customer follows an affiliate link and completes a required action such as downloading a document
  • Pay per sale: In this, if a customer follows an affiliate’s link and makes a purchase, the affiliate gets paid. However, these types of programs usually have the lowest conversion rate.
  • Pay per click: The affiliate gets paid based on visitors to a site – it does not require a purchase.

Ads: Most affiliate programs offer unique affiliate codes that will direct traffic from your site to the target site. Many affiliate programs offer ready-made ads, text links & other creative copy. While others will offer a link, and you will have to make the ad. Some people don’t create ads; they just place text offers like “30% off everything” and connect the link.

Length of time: Affiliate links often have an expiration. This means that the link you were given will only pay for a specific length of time. It’s up to you to keep track of when links expire. 

Affiliate Programs

To gain some practice with affiliates I suggest two programs:

#1. The easiest, to begin with, is Amazon. Amazon is a well-trusted company that offers multiple products, making it simple for a new affiliate to get going. The commissions are relatively low, but it is just a place to start.

#2. Another affiliate is Google AdSense. Ads are created and paid for by advertisers who want their products promoted. The only issue with Adsense is getting accepted into their affiliate program. Adsense will analyze the quality of your site, which helped me address the flaws and clean up my site.

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