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About Me – Over 50

About Me – Over 50

I started this journey at Over 50 Healthy Living when we moved to Colorado. I wanted a place where I could share our new adventures. It is incredible how the pandemic changed everything for us. Not in a bad way!

The Big Move

After being quarantined for a while, we realized that it was time for a change. We have lived in the same house since the kids were small, and now that they are grown, the house was just too big.

If we were going to move, we should improve our quality of life. We wanted to live somewhere that offered more outdoor living and new adventures. Both our kids live in a city within an hour of us, so we get to spend plenty of time with them.
As a family, we like to hike, and our daughter took us on our first kayaking adventure this past summer. If you have never tried it, it is a lot of fun and great exercise.  

I get up every morning and can’t believe our gorgeous views. Meantime, we have taken up hiking, kayaking and hopefully, soon, we will try snowshoeing. We have also started taking road trips to see different parts of the country.

Meanwhile, having been a personal trainer and nutritionist for over 20 years, I often am asked advice on health and fitness. Over time I have helped hundreds of people make changes. I loved my job, but the pandemic changed everything, and I no longer work in a club. Starting this website, I decided to combine our adventures with my years of experience and knowledge.

I am certified in nutrition with Precision Nutrition. I am still very passionate about my past career; still researching things about the body and one of my favorite topics – food.

About Nutrition

It still amazes how often the information out there changes so often. I know that nutrition is a relatively young science and can be confusing. A great to read to explain some of the confusion in nutrition is “Why nutrition science is so confusing“. The article goes on to explain multiple reasons that nutrition can seem messy.

Nutrition & Fitness

There is a lot of competing theories that can make things confusing. I have learned that no one thing works for everybody. We all differ in dietary preferences, physical activity, genetics, physiology, and mindset.
Some generalities work, such as “eating healthy” and being “physically active.”

As We Age

Another issue is the body changes over time. I have seen a lot of information out there, but often they don’t address the older body. I can tell you from personal experience that it can be frustrating for someone over the age of 50. Most people think keeping my weight within normal ranges comes naturally to me. Not true. I come from a family that struggles with weight and health issues. I fight it every day, and believe me; it is a fight. Some days I love my scale, and other days it is my greatest enemy.

Over 50 healthy living has become my new adventure. Hopefully, it becomes a resource of great travel spots, fantastic food, and health and fitness advice. Join me on this journey.

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