A Great Weekend Escape
A Great Weekend Escape

A Great Weekend Escape

Need a weekend getaway try Legacy West in Plano, Texas.

My husband and I just returned from a quick trip back to Texas. I was invited to a bridal shower. My husband took this opportunity to visit his mom. Since Covid, we haven’t traveled much. We decided to squeeze some us time too.

Planning this quick trip brought back memories of travels with our kids. When our kids were young, our trips revolved around their entertainment. It was months of planning, detailed maps of destinations, and lots of scheduling. Now, as empty-nesters, our trip requirements have changed. Simplicity is the name of the game. We prefer choosing an area we can park and walk everywhere we want to go.


Our destination was north of Dallas, Texas. We debated where to stay in the area. A hotel located in a walkable area with plenty of shops, bars, and restaurants would fit the bill. We decided to stay at the Renaissance hotel, the anchor hotel to the upscale complex of Legacy West in Plano. The hotels’ location also gave us easy access to the freeway.

Click here to see more about the Renaissance hotel.

The facility design is a modern décor. A very creative blend of Asian and Texan influences.

Who knew you could blend these two influences so well! The décor offers a museum-like experience. You have to slow down and admire the artwork and displays distributed throughout the hotel.

Because of our short stay, we didn’t have the opportunity to use all the amenities at the hotel. We did stop at the Whiskey Moon bar while waiting for our dinner reservations. Hanging from the ceiling are various branding irons – very Texas.

Overall, the hotel was a great experience.


There are many restaurants located within walking distance of the hotel. There is just about every type of food offered at Legacy West. Steakhouses, Asian, Southern, Tex Mex, and upscale casual cuisine like burgers. Even a dining hall has 20+ restaurants, numerous bars, live music, and a brewery.

We decided we were in the mood for Italian food, so we chose Taverna. Taverna is warm and inviting farm-to-table cooking reflecting authentic Italian food in a rustic, and welcoming interior.

I can’t even begin to tell you about the food – perfection. We were in paradise. They begin the dining experience by serving Focaccia bread with a pesto and olive oil dip. I could have easily just had the bread which is an Italian bread that is flavorful, tender, and fantastic for dipping.

It was a fantastic experience beginning with our server who saw to even the smallest detail of our dinner. I can’t even begin to tell you about the food. We were in paradise. We were served Focaccia bread with a pesto and olive oil dip. I could have easily just had the bread and dip as my meal. It’s Italian bread that is flavorful, tender and is fantastic for dipping.

I ordered the Cappellacci All Aragosta. It is handmade pasta filled with lobster and shrimp served in a creamy pink sauce and served with a half lobster.  I thought it might be rich, but it was incredible.

My husband had a classic risotto with clams, mussels, shrimp, calamari, half lobster with tomato sauce. Seafood risotto is a classic mouthwatering Italian dish that my husband couldn’t stop eating.

We left the restaurant feeling full, so we decided to take a walk. There are many shops to choose from like Gucci, Levi’s & West Elm (furniture store). You can even stop in at Tesla to buy a car or Tommy Bahama restaurant that also has a shop.

Our trip was short, but we thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. I highly suggest taking a great weekend escape.

Let me know if you know of similar escapes.

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